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1.    Applicable Juridical Regulation and Acceptance of the Conditions

AViajes.com is an Internet dominion registered by CENTRAL HOTELERA HOTELALIA, S.L.,  CIF:B-15899123, Inscribed in the Mercantile Record A Coruna, Volume 2755, General Section, Folio 41, Sheet C-31659, situated in Polígono Industrial A Pedreira, 38 - Xil - 36968 Meaño (Pontevedra), Title XG-229.

These general conditions are applicable to all the sites managed by Central Hotelera Hotelalia (from now on, AVIAJES.COM): www.aviajes.com, www.agalicia.com, www.a-asturias.com, www.acantabria.com, www.a-andalucia.com, www.acostabrava.com, www.alevante.com, www.abaleares.com, www.aportugal.com, www.abalnearios.com, www.alacoruna.com, www.asanxenxo.com and www.asantiago.com

This contract of forced fulfillment by both parts in the preview terms, is instituted by the clauses contained under these General  Conditions published on our web site, which are complemented and developped by the applicable specific legislation without violating it

The fact of acquiring or taking part in any of the travels published in www.aviajes.com or any of its sites causes the express acceptance on the part of the consumer of all the General Conditions, which will be automatically considered as part of the contract, without being precise its individualized written trascripción.

Both contracting parts surrender definitely to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Pontevedra to solve all their differences.

2.    Organization

The organization of these travels has been realized by the Travel Agency Central Hotelera Hotelalia S.L., C.I.F B-15.899.123 located in Polígono Industrial A Pedreira, 38 - Xil - 36968 Meaño (Pontevedra) and Title XG-229, which has the permissions and necessary licenses for the proper activities of a travel agency.

3.    User

The user declares to be of age (older than 18 years old) and to have necessary legal aptitude to hire the services offered by AViajes.com, showing also the acceptance of the link to this agreement, and understands and entirety accepts the conditions here enunciated to use this web and to hire the offered services.

The user promises to use the services and contents in accordance to the Law and to the general and particular terms and conditions of the services offered by AViajes.com in every moment.

4.    Prices

  • VAT is included in all our prices
  • The prices are those offered in the website when confirming the reservation
  • Extra, transports, tickets, optional services, different rents, car park / garage will not be included (unless the contrary is indicated)


5.    Cancellations / Alterations

The cancellation or modification of a reservation may bear expenses.

Although it is not a general rule, in 90 % of the establishments the following cancellation politics will be applied:

  • If you cancel your reservation with more than 15 days before the date of check-in, all the money paid less 25 euros on administration costs will be refunded.
  • If you cancel with less than 15 days before the check-in, your reservation may have expenses whose amount will depend on the politics of cancellation of every particular hotel. These expenses may be from 1 night up to 100 % of the total reservation, depending on the hotel, dates, etc...

Para cancelar su reserva o consultar las condiciones de cancelación puede ponerse en contacto con nuestro Servicio de Atención al Cliente en el 0034 986806700.

•    Alterations

AViajes.com promises to facilitate to its clients the totality of the hired services through the programs - offers contained in this site, with the conditions and stipulated characteristics.

The consumer will be able to request indemnification to AViajes.com when there had been taken place a bad or not execution of the services that forms the travel, as well as in the case or a cancellation motivated by circumstances different to causes of force majeure or to some of the following causes:

  • The absences observed in the contract achievement are attributable to the consumer.
  • The absences are attributable to a third agent beyond the supply of the services in the contract and cover an unforeseeable or unbeatable character.
  • The absences are results of events that the Agency or the services provider, in spite of  all the necessary diligence, could not have foreseen or overcome. 

•    Refund

All the proceeding refunds for any concept will be always formalized in the same way as the payment had been realized. We will not realize any refund for services not used voluntarily by the consumer.

6.    Accommodation

Apartments: the client is completely and exclusively the person responsible for declaring the number of people that it is going to be lodged in the room or in the apartment (including children), in spite of the age, when making the reservation. It is warned that the administration of the establishments can legally refuse to admit the check-in of non-declared people, with no right to complain. It is necessary, when making the reservation  to re-confirm the place and the time to take the keys.

Hotels: the quality and the service content will be determined by the assigned official tourist category, which is submitted to administrative control. Considering the current legislation on this matter (which establishes only the existence of single and double rooms allowing in some of them a third bed), will be always estimated that the use of the third bed (bed, sofa-bed or extra bed...) is done under the knowledge of the people who use the room. This tacit estimation derives from the true circumstance of having been previously warned; and it must be reflected as a triple / double room with extra bed in all the printed tickets and/or vouchers of the travel..

Timetable: the time of check-in in hotels is from 14:00 h, and in apartments it is from 17:00 h. The check-ou time is before 10:00 h. Reservations usually remain guaranteed until 20:00. If you foresee your arrival for later, we recommend you to warn straight to the establishment. If you don't the establishment might sell your room or apartment.

Special conditions for Children, Third and Fourth People: The age of the children must appear on the Voucher / ticket. On the contrary, the establishment will be able to claim the difference between the child's rate and the adult one. The establishment may request written proof of the age of the children. Children up to 2 years old (or younger if indicated in the initial rate), except indication telling the contrary, will pay straight in the hotel the cradles, restaurants services and other facilities requested in the establishment.

Discounts for children, third and fourth person will be applicable whenever they share room with two more people.

Descriptions: Here we have all the facilities the hotel offers. This is a complementary information since it is a question of services that may be not available at the check-in, but they may be requested straight at the establishment, such as television, safe, garage, etc. Some published services depend on timetables, dates determined by the establishment, such as air conditioning, swimming pools, nursery schools, leisure facilities, buses, etc.

All the published descriptions are confirmed by the establishment. Any change during the period of validity, will not be able to be imputed as responsibility of AViajes.com.

AViajes.com is not responsible for the misprints (content, prices, descriptions...) that could exist in the site; being just valid the information which appears in the Confirmation voucher as well as the information given by the booking department at the moment of carrying the reservation out. The prices of this programming are specified in euros.

Air conditioning/heating/swimming pools: the timetable of these services depends on the establishment. Besides, these facilities may be subjected to possible breakdowns; in that case the Organizing Agency does not take responsibility of the correct functioning of these services.

Parking (exterior and interior) / Garage: this service is subject to timetables, availability and the price depends on the establisment.

Meals: full board serviceis breakfast, lunch and dinner. The first service to be facilitated by the hotel will be the dinner and the last one will be the lunch of the check-out day (unless the contrary is specified at the moment of confirming reservation). In half board reservations, the establisment will serve breakfast and dinner, except previous agreement between the client and the hotel and except in those hotels where the restaurant services are already specified. Drinks are not included in the price. 

7.    Contents

All the contents, logos, etc. that appear in AViajes.com are protected by the rights of intellectual and industrial property which are definitely reserved by AViajes.com.com or by the people or companies that appear as authors or holders of the rights. It's prohibited the reproduction, development, alteration, distribution or public communication by any entity of the contents of the WEB of AViajes.com for uses different from the legitimate information or hiring by the users of the offered services. In any case the previous writing assent by AViajes.com will be necessary.

The links or linkage with other WEB sites that appear in the AViajes.com are offered just to informative reasons to the user, so AViajes.com will not be responsible for the products, services or contents offered or mentioned in these sites.

AViajes.com makes all the efforts to offer the information contained in the website in a truthful way and without misprints. AViajes.com is not responsible for the misprints (content, prices, descriptions...) that could exist in the site; being just valid the information which appears in the Confirmation voucher as well as the information given by the booking department at the moment of carrying the reservation out. The prices of this programming are specified in euros.

8.    Responsabillity

When the consumer appreciates in situ the non-execution or bad execution of the integral services of the travel, he/she will have to notify it immediately to the service provider, and in 48 hours to AViajes.com, in order to take the pertinent actuations. In case of non-communicating the problem to AViajes.com  the client will have to prove the nonperformance of contract to the competent Headquarter and/or competent Court, since out of this term AViajes.com would find impossible to verify the veracity of the alleged content, as well as the achievement of a satisfactory solution for both parts.

The interposition of any claim does not exempt of the previous entire payment of the price of the travel.

The consumer is responsible for transactions of credit card in AViajes.com

9.    Validity

The the present site programming  has indefinite validity, being binding on AViajes.com. Nevertheless, the changes in the mentioned information will be valid  when they had been communicated to the consumer before the contract signing; or when modifications had been agreed  by both parts.




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